The organization was started back in the early 2000s as a football training center for children in the slum. Working alongside organizations such as “Alive and Kicking” and “CARE Kenya”, Kibera Mpira Mtaani (KIMMTA) used football tournaments as a way of providing information to the children of Kibera. Later on in 2008, there was a need to add more value to the children’s academics apart from just sharpening their football skills and civic education. This in turn led to the introduction of the AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM; where children would come into the KIMMTA centre (which was also the office block back then) to get academic assistance in their schoolwork.
The main challenge was limited resources to efficiently cater for essential need like textbooks, space and writing materials.
The KIMMTA Education Centre was born of a dream to build a solid structure for the Kibera community to learn and share ideas. This was possible through a generous donation of £500 (56,839 Kenyan Shillings) from the BlandfordStour Rotary Club which in turn initiated a fund raising. After much discussion about how best to use the funds, we decided to buy a small plot of land in Kibera and build a center. Land was and still is hard to find in the slum, but we managed to find a good area, which is close to the current classroom/library set-up. The construction plans for the education Centre were now underway.
The project became a huge success; the total amount of money we raised was 5,000 GBP (645,315. KES). Many schools, friends, family, parents and colleagues from England and Kenya also donated money, resources and time towards the construction of the Education center. We were overwhelmed by how much support and enthusiasm we had from people we knew and even strangers.

The building was finally finished in August 2010 and since then, hundreds of very happy children have been using the facility as an Early Childhood Development Education Center, for extra curriculum tuition, playing games, watching educational DVDs and simply a place to interact amongst their peers/friends and feel safe. According to the project leader, Vincent Kegode most of the children feel like it is ‘their second home’.
The building is light and well-designed and therefore, it has proved to be a wonderful space for the children to use. The floor was tiled and electricity installed in the building.

On Sunday 3rd October 2010 we had our Official Opening. A group of parents, various guests and community members enjoyed performances by the children of KIMMTA on a variety of songs, poems and dances to celebrate the opening of the Centre. The volunteer teachers made moving speeches to reflect the positivity and energy we all had towards running of the Centre. The same energy has enabled the centre to remain open up to date.