In our after-school program, we live to give our pupils the opportunity to explore our library materials/resources to meet their scholarly needs. This process gives the children a feeling of ownership and inclusivity over the charities selected and an enthusiasm to become great in future. It also means that as a school, we can focus our support on three or so of the above charities in order to really make a difference.
Over the past few years, we have seen the centre grow from a small unit that catered for just a few children after school hours, to a safe haven with four multi-purpose classrooms, providing support for over 600 children in Kibera, both primary and secondary.
Over the past years, we have the following achievements:
• Taking many pupils from our primary after school to great National Schools.
• Taking a number of students to the university (by scoring mean grade C+ and above).
• Receiving many students back to our program to volunteer.
• Qualified and experienced volunteer staff
• Numerous, up to date textbooks comprising of Course work books, Revision books and other research materials
• Ample and quiet reading space.
• Good lighting system as well as power back-up system
• Built strong relationships through exchange programs with schools like The Banda School and Montessori Learning Center


The After-school program does not work in isolation as a department within KIMMTA. The program operates in conjunction with the Empowerment Club which offers life skills lessons, guidance and counselling to the learners who attend the evening tuition classes. This powerful collaboration between the two programs has proven to be one of our greatest strengths in empowering our learners and the Kibera community.
Thus, we have always been guided by the words of the late African Icon, Nelson Mandela
“Education is the only weapon you can use to change the world”
You cannot shut your eyes to the many and varied needs within Kenya. As we realize how important it is to equip our children with skills and visions that develop their lives directly, the more we contribute to making a difference and positive change in our community and the world as a whole.